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Skrittmaskin FLEX-R-CISER


skrittmaskin_flex_1The FLEX-R-CISER is more than a horse walker because of it’s flexible building shape it fits almost on every piece of land, which is bigger then 16 meter in square shape.
The most ideal shape for the FLEX-R- CISER is the oval, this means the horses walk not only in a radius but also straight and won’t be stressing their joints only on 1 side.
The other benefit of the FLEX-R-CISER is that it’s very dynamical in starting and stopping.
You can train your horses very accurate in this flexible and dynamical walker.

The FLEX-R-CISER can be delivered with all kinds of roofs.

Not been bothered by any arms which are normally making the walker suitable for 4,5 or 6 horses the FLEX-R-CISER can be changed easily into a exerciser with more or less horses, of course it will depend of the gear motor which is chosen for.



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